Hi, my name is Cedomir

I'm a FrontEnd Developer


After long period of learning i've made my first web apps from scratch. I'm actively reading and learning about IT technologies, especially about frontend development topics. I want to gain experience, with current knowledge i can be a useful team member but i want to learn so much more.

My main skills are Angular, Typescript, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Gulp, Git. I’ve worked with libraries and frameworks like Bootstrap and jQuery.

Work & experience


In 1994 the comet Shoemaker - Levy 9 collided with Jupiter. Changing space forever. The persuasion of Menno de Jong and Bernhard van Oranje was and is, that in our time, in our space, technology will make the world go round.

Front-End Developer intern, 2018 sep/nov

Bambino Games

Educational games are a great way to help and build the foundation of learning. At Bambino Games, we work with games aimed at edutainment, that is, games within the genre of play and learn.

Game Developer, 2019 mar/oct

Some of the Projects

Building Code Snippet web application with a team of colleagues in Angular 6 with Firebase as backend. CodeSnippets is an application to keep track of categorized code snippets from various programming languages.

Building Hospital Management web application with a colleague in Angular 6 with Firebase as backend. Hospital Managament is an application meant to help hospital staff to keep track of doctors, patients and visits.


[angular6] [typescript] [firebase] [html/css] [bootstrap] [visual-studio-code] [git]


Startit (Zrenjanin, Serbia)

We believe that technology is a huge driver of positive changes in the society and by using it we want to help our countrymen live better and more fulfilled lives. Thanks to this, we have managed to create a large and steadily-growing community around our mission and a thriving startup ecosystem which stimulates knowledge sharing, giving-back mentality and volunteering towards a higher goal. In brief, our purpose is said to be cultural emancipation, professional education, and communal prosperity through shared knowledge, networking and activism.

FrontEnd Developer

  • Angular, TypeScript, Firebase
  • JavaScript -jQuery
  • HTML, CSS, Bootstrap
  • VisualCode, Gulp, Git

WordPress Training

Startit Zrenjanin -2019 jan/feb

Photoshop Training

Startit Zrenjanin -2019 apr/may